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The Best Motorcycle Brands

For someone who is fond of motorcycles, the brand and make matter. They can affect one’s performance. Every person has their own preference in terms of brand, design, and performance. Riders have a special relationship with their motorcycle which is why they are picky when it comes to choosing the brand and make. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the popular and the best motorcycle brands. They are the following:


It is one of the famous Japanese motorcycle brands founded in 1949. They were making aircraft and other vehicles, but in 1963, the company decided to manufacture motorcycles. Some of the popular Kawasaki motorcycles are KLR and Ninja. For beginner riders, Kawasaki is one of the highly recommended brands. As the famous company slogan says, “Let the good times roll.”


It is a German motorcycle brand founded in 1901. Their very first motorcycle was released in 1923. It is known for its sports bike, specifically, the 1000RR. It is the motorcycle make that made the German brand popular not only in Germany but around the globe.


It is another Japanese brand known for manufacturing the best vehicles, be it four wheels or two wheels. Honda has been doing business since 1946 but it started producing motorcycles in 1955. In 1982, Honda became the most popular motorcycle brand and has produced almost three million motorcycles.


The name itself speaks Italian. Ducati is one of the famous motorcycle brands in Italy but later on, has conquered the world. In began manufacturing motorcycles in 1929. Ducati is currently owned by Audi. What made Ducati extremely popular is its V-twin engines, which complement the distinct Italian design. It was in the year 1950 when Ducati produced its very first motorcycle.

Harley Davidson

It is the most popular motorcycle brand in the United States; truly, the American pride. It was founded in 1903 and is popular for creating choppers and iconic image of bikers. The most popular Harley Davidson bike is 191511F.


It is another Japanese brand built in 1909. It was in 1952 that Suzuki started manufacturing motorcycles. Ten years after, the company became a part of motorcycling sports. Until today, Suzuki remains to be one of the strongest motorcycle brands in motorcycling sports such as MotoGP.

There are so many motorcycle brands out there and the ones mentioned above are the popular choices for experienced riders. Some bikes are classics while others are modern. There is also a rich history in every bike. As years passed by, motorcycle manufacturers make sure that they always have something new to offer to their target market.

They pay attention not only to the design but to the overall built, engine, and quality. There are motorcycle brands and design for everyday riders as well as designs for hardcore riders. The price may vary from one brand to another, but at the end of the day, the built, engine, and quality are the things that matter the most.

Best Ways to Clean a Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is wonderful, but keeping it maintained and looking clean can be a challenging task. Cleaning a motorcycle is not as easy as one may think considering the different shapes and sizes that make up all of its parts.

Here’s a quick rundown on the best way to clean your motorcycle and keep that shine throughout the year.

1. Water

Should you use water to clean your bikes or listen to others like buy a branded bike soap. Well, you should use warm water for washing your motorbike in an accurate way. Get yourself a sponge and don’t let it fall on the ground so that it doesn’t become dirty enough to ruin your bike’s view to you and others.

2. De-Bug

Different types of cobweb and dirt are the headache of every motorcycle owner. If you want to get rid of it and clean your bike use the right materials to do so. The WD40 is mostly used for cleaning these type of mess but gob or different types of materials can also be used. If you are cleaning your bike don’t do it so hard because it may damage the bike.

3. Nooks and Crannies

If you are cleaning your bike you should get a brush or any other piece of cloth that can reach the inner material of the motorcycle. You should apply grease removal materials to the parts of the motorcycle that can clean out any dirty parts.

4. Brake Dust

Like in cars you also have to clean your brakes in motorcycles. The brake is usually tied with the wheel so you will have to get a large brush that can be used to clean the dust. If you can’t find a wheel clean you should ask the wheel owner he must have the material to clean out the wheels.

5. Washing

At first, you should get some gloves and get some soapy solution water that can be used to clean the bike’s body. As soapy water only clean the painted surface of the bike so it will not damage it. Use cotton sponges in case you get a scratch from the other ones.

6. Dry

If you have now cleaned your bike and now want to dry it use applicable dry leather to clean the inner hard parts. The dry leather is suggested because it will avoid any scratches to beget on the surface of the bike.

7. Cleaning of Hard Parts

There are different types of hard parts in a bike like a swing fork or heat outlet pipes. Using a grease remover can do a job of cleaning the hard parts of the bike. Do not apply the greaser removal on the bike surface; instead, use a piece of cloth to clean the surface.